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Jonathan. I'm 20-something.I like pugs and Game of Thrones. I love plants more then people. Fishes are the shit. I support gender equality without totally shitting on one side. I listen to bluegrass , techno and & death metal. I love Ikea furniture. Living in Ogden , Utah. From Puerto Rico. Virgo/ENTJ

Fight Night


Mayweather: “Ahhh! He bit my hand!!”

He bit your hand through those thick ass gloves and his mouthpiece. Right.



when people dont like lord of the rings because the movies are ‘long’


when people dont like lord of the rings because it  has ‘too much fighting’


when people dont like lord of the rings




Lord of the Rings


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Virgo’s can see the world’s exact beauty. if anyone can achieve perfection, it’s the Virgo. the irony is that the Virgo who is obsessed with perfection, is the Virgo that destroys themselves. sometimes Virgo’s greatest gifts can be a catalyst for their greatest downfalls. 

when people ask virgo whats wrong (via astrolocherry)

Holy fuck yes

…thats just my face


Game of Thrones pick up lines 2/2 →


You know what really fucking pisses me off?

That no one is talking about ISIS.

I’ve seen at least 5 posts today talking about Ferguson, a couple more talking about helping some kid get get over yet another disease and at least two bashing republicans for something they did.

While that stuff is…



Say what you want about the man, but he was precisely accurate with this warning.

(NB4: “…but it’s all Bush’s fault…WMD…oil…Halliburton”)

Adults spoke and the children didnt listen.

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